WhatsApp will let you edit messages that have been sent

One of the functions that was most requested of the most famous instant messaging application in the world was the ability to edit messages after sending them.

Previously, WhatsApp allowed messages to be deleted, an issue that has led to some debate about its usefulness.

Editing, on the other hand, makes it easier to just change the message, especially if it was long and only one detail needed to be modified.

Applications like Telegram, also a messaging app, were faster than WhatsApp in including this feature for their conversations.

But WhatsApp had been somewhat reluctant, until now, and has already announced that the option to edit messages will be implemented in a future update.

How will message editing work?

WhatsApp will make this possible by pressing down on the message. There, in the menu that pops up, the edit option will appear.

By clicking on ‘edit’, users will be able to change the text and send it again.

Currently in WhatsApp you can only delete the message if an hour has not passed since it was sent.

Now, while this is still speculation, it is expected that the same procedure will be followed to edit the message.

Reactions to WhatsApp messages

The latest feature that the messaging application launched was reacting to messages, which was identical to the Facebook function.

If you click on the desired message, six emojis appear, allowing you to react to the message, while also alerting the other person with a notification on their cell phone.

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