Spotlight on Oil and Gas: Navigating Africa’s Energy Landscape

Africa sits on a treasure trove of oil and gas reserves.  These resources have the potential to fuel economic growth, generate government revenue, and improve living standards across the continent.…

Agricultural Innovations and Food Security in Africa

The pertinence of agricultural innovation and food security in Africa can never be overemphasized, that was why the Former President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Dr. Kanayo F. Nwanze opined that "As we reimagine agriculture in Africa, let us sow the seeds of innovation and resilience

Navigating Challenges and Shaping the Future: Considerations for Health Technology in Rural Africa

New technologies can fill the gap by offering improved health monitoring, preventive care, and access to medical information in these areas, which frequently struggle to get high-quality healthcare.

Google’s New Pixel Smartphones: Advancing Technological Innovation and Connectivity Across Africa

The release of Google's new Pixel smartphones offers enormous promise, as smartphone use continues to increase internationally, with Africa enjoying exceptional growth in the number of users.

Nigeria Signs MoU With Cuba For Science, Technology

The Nigeria’s delegation to the G77+China Summit led by Vice president Kashim Shettima on Saturday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Republic of Cuba.

Nigeria Will Digitise Public Service, Tinubu Tells Oracle VP

President Bola Tinubu says Nigeria will digitise public service with cutting-edge technology.

AI Tools: A Closer Look at Advancements and Ethical Considerations

AI Tool: A Closer Look at Advancements and Ethical Considerations

Innovation & Technology Can Create Solutions To African Countries Problems — Mimshach Obioha

In a nutshell, who is Mimshach?  When people ask me this very interesting question that who is Mimshach? I try to separate my identity from my work. First of all…

Nigeria and Cuba sign deal on vaccine production

Nigeria has signed an agreement with Cuba on contract manufacturing, technology transfer, vaccine production and commercialisation of the Cuban biopharmaceutical products. According to NAN, Benaoyagha Okoyen, Nigeria’s ambassador to Cuba,…

Digital Camera for fashion

Defining Digital Fashion Among everything we’ve already talked about, we still want to know from Amber: What is digital fashion? “Anything that has to do with fashion beyond the physical…