Unraveling the Diversity of African Entertainment Industries

Africa, teeming with cultural richness and diversity, has emerged as a dynamic hub of creativity and innovation in the global entertainment landscape.

Digital Fashion Shows: Redefining Virtual Runway Experiences in Africa

In recent years, the global fashion business has seen a transformation fueled by technical breakthroughs and the digital age. This transformation is most visible in Africa, where the fusion of…

Style with Substance: Top Fashion Tips to Practice in 2024

Whether you choose bold patterns, minimalist cuts, or sustainable fabrics, your outfit becomes a canvas for self-expression. According to celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, “Fashion is a way to say who…

Tech-Infused Fashion: Stitching Innovation into Style

Tech-Infused Fashion: Stitching Innovation into Style

Unlocking Creativity: I Don’t Know Why People Think I Am A ‘Yahoo Boy’ — Yomi Casual

Yomi Casual started with the sole aim of transforming the idea of fashion. Has he achieved that feat? You bet he has! Over years into the business, he has expanded from just being a fashion label, to being a globally recognized lifestyle brand – extending to an affordable diffusion label.

People See Me As A Weird Person On Social Media — Nebsjay

Nebsjay is a popular social media contents creator and work out expert. His Instagram handle boasts above 191,000 followers and he’s brand ambassador of lot of fashion companies around the world.

Nigerian Finest Fashion Designer Advices Young African Enterpreneurs

Fashion to me is a way of life, the way you dress, what you wear, where you go wearing your outfit, in general fashion is a lifestyle. 

Jumpsuits: Fashion has to reflect who you are

Jumpsuits are a simple, one-piece, yet fashionable style for both young and old. Jumpsuit can be rocked alongside shirts of various styles. They are timeless and don’t go out of…

Perfume is the art that makes memory speak

Perfumes help us to emit good fragrance as we go about our day. Smelling good leaves a statement wherever one goes, and one’s fragrance can actually be a form of…

The inspiring journey of a Nigerian Techpreneur, Humanitarian, Talent agent, Sales & Business Strategist

Rex Moses is a Founder, Techpreneur, Humanitarian, Talent agent, Sales & Business Strategist. EARLIER YEARS Rex Moses was born to a Nigerian Farmer in Esan South East Local Government in…