Nigeria to host 7th African Spelling Bee competition

Nigeria has been selected to host the 7th African Spelling Bee competition in December.

Embracing the Future of Education: Integrating AR, VR, and AI into Curricula

Technological developments are continuously changing the way teachers and students learn in the quickly changing field of education. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) are at the forefront of these advances.

Merriam-Webster crowns ‘authentic’ as word of the year

In an age where forces AI have left Americans doubting the truth, US dictionary Merriam-Webster says that 2023’s most looked-up word was “authentic.” The venerable publisher, whose dictionary is especially…

Tinubu cancels 40% IGR deduction from universities

President Bola Tinubu has succumbed to the cry from different quarters and stopped the 40% deduction from universities’ Internally Generated Revenue (IGR). Speaking at an ongoing 75th Founder’s Day ceremony…

Wigwe University to begin operations in 2024

Wigwe University said on Tuesday it will officially begin operations in September 2024, opening doors to students seeking world-class education. The founder, Dr. Herbert Wigwe, confirmed this in a statement…

NDIC trains students on financial saving habits in Sokoto

The Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) advised students on Thursday to embrace financial savings and develop financial discipline on spending for a productive and better life. The NDIC Sokoto Zonal…

The Rise of Micro-Credentials, Alternative Pathways To Degrees, And The Future Of Traditional College Campuses In Africa

Africa is not an exception to the global phenomena of the rise of micro-credentials, alternative routes to degrees, and the transformation of established college campuses.

Evaluating the Accountability in the African Education Sector

In order to assure educational quality, track student learning results, and hold educational institutions and policymakers accountable for their actions, assessment, and accountability are critical facets of the African education sector.

Reviving the Educational system in Nigeria and solutions to implement

Nigeria's educational system needs to be revitalized if the country is to advance and thrive.

The Educational Strategy of Egypt

Did you know that Egypt is considered the cradle of civilization? It has evolved successfully through thousands of years, and its people have made significant contributions to our current appreciation for math, science, and art.