About Us


The Arabella star magazine was founded on the 19th of April 2018 with its head office in Abuja and is registered at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration number RC 1488094, with United Kingdom registration number 14018244 and International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) 2735-9751. The magazine was borne out of the need to create a platform that will be used to educate, inform and entertain people, in addition to providing a medium for which public and private companies can advertise their goods and services. The Arabella star magazine is produced in colourful hard copies and e-copies which can be accessed on the magazine’s website. The magazine is printed on a monthly basis.


Company Strategy

To inform and enlighten people with information that will empower them and influence policy makers to make positive developmental changes for the benefit of all.


The Arabella star magazine aims to be a reputable and world class media institution whose watchword is professionalism and integrity.



To publish a credible and influential magazine that will not only inform, educate and entertain its audience but will also galvanize the public and decision makers into action that will create positive change in the political landscape of Nigeria.



Arabella magazine is grounded on the following values that are practiced within the internal working environment and its relation with external clients. These values are as follows:


  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Gender sensitiveness
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Loyalty and dedication
  • Mutual respect


Our Goals & Objectives


The overall goal of Arabella star magazine is to publish information on business, economy, health, culture, fashion, education, agriculture, environment, politics, entertainment and lifestyle. Other objectives of Arabella magazine include:


  • To provide up to date and in depth information on various topical issues to its audience
  • To give voice to the silent majority
  • To create positive change in the country by providing decision makers with information that will spur action
  • To entertain its audience
  • To provide a medium for advertisers to reach out to the public
  • To make information accessible to the public through the hard copies of
    the magazine and electronic copies that can be accessed on the Arabella star magazine website

    Our Product

    The main product of the media outfit is the Arabella star magazine that is published for
    the purpose of disseminating news, interviews with key personalities from all
    works of life and documentaries on the state of the nation. The magazine is
    published on a monthly basis and made available in hard and electronic copies.

    Our Services

    The company in
    addition to the publication of the Arabella star magazine offers the following

  • Media Coverage  The media team provides event management services that suits every client’s requirements and
    resources. The team works with the client from the initiation of the project to
    completion with the aim of delivering excellent management services. These
    events include:- Exhibitions The Chief Executive Officer has over
    the years created strong working relation with influential and recognized media
    personnel in the digital, print, audio and television outlet in the country.
    This relationship enables the company to perform public relations services such
    as press conferences.
  •  Conducting interviews and features with key
    stakeholders on burning issues for the purposing of providing first-hand
    information to the audience The Arabella star magazine pledges to provide credible and reliable information that will not just inform and entertain its audience but spur the readers into taking
    action for social change in the country.
  • Service Pledge
  • Writing, publication, and dissemination of press
  • Other Services
  • Media Relation Services
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Event Management
  • Arabella star magazine provides media coverage services for conferences, seminars and other
    events requiring publicity.
  • To provide gender balanced information

    Management Structure

    Arabella star magazine is managed by the Publisher and Chief Executive Officer, Livinus Chibuike Victor who founded the magazine out of his passion for journalism and the need for creating social change through information sharing. He is a qualified and experienced journalist. The Magazine also has a Contributing Editor, Abubakar Muhammad Usman who is a seasoned journalist with experience in the print and online media.The magazine has a team that is highly qualified, experienced and committed to the dissemination of credible information to the public and delivery of excellent services for its clients. The management team of Arabella star magazine comprise: Publisher/ Chief Editor Special Correspondent Photographers Creative Designer    

  • Arabella star magazine is currently partnering with Women and National Development (WAND).
  • Current Partners
  • A pool of ad hoc staff that support the delivery of services
  • Advert/ Marketing manager
  • Contributing Editor