People See Me As A Weird Person On Social Media — Nebsjay

Nebsjay is a popular social media contents creator and work out expert. His Instagram handle boasts above 191,000 followers and he’s brand ambassador of lot of fashion companies around the world.

In an exclusive interview with Arabella Star Magazine, he made mentioned lot of things that has to with him on social media.

In a nutshell, can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Jude Ifeanyi Nebamor, I’m a Nigerian citizen from Delta state, I grew up in Lagos State. I speak more Yoruba than my native language, Igbo. I attended Command children school in Lagos as my elementary school, and for my high school, I attended a seminary school, for my University, I attended Lagos State University (LASU) where I studied History and International studies and George Brown College Toronto where I studied event and marketing.

My parents are late retired Major Matthew Nebamor and Mrs Nebamor. I was brought up in a Christian home. My father was in the military while my mother was a housewife. I was brought up to put family values in high esteem. I moved out of Nigeria in 1999, about 23 years ago.

I moved to North America and stayed there for a while, after which I moved to Canada. I worked with Shell and Imperial oil before I moved to Ontario. I’ve been in Canada where I currently have three children, a son and two daughters. My oldest daughter is 17, my son, 13 and my last is 5.

In a nutshell, I am just a simple easy going person who believes in treating people how you would want to be treated and practicing what you preach. I try to look at life from different perspectives, and I preach love a lot because we are all one as human beings regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or gender.


Nebsjay is the person you see on my platform, though some may see me as weird because many are not familiar with what someone of my age and background can do on social media, but that is what makes me unique. I call my page organic platform because what you see is who I am. I will turn 50 years old in a couple of days and I’m a very active person by nature, I do a lot of sports and it has been part of me since childhood.

How is social media redefining entertainment industry?

Yes, social media is redefining the entertainment industry in the sense that 20, 30 years ago, social media back then dictated to us how things can be done, for example, the NTA channel would not resume until a certain time of the day, but with social media now, it’s completely different. Now, we get instant access to entertainment on the palm of our hands.

What sets you apart? Was it luck or did you have a method? How did you use Instagram, a platform that millions of people use every day in the hopes of becoming famous differently?

I will do a comparison; people say different things about getting wealthy. Some say it’s luck, some say it’s hard work, others say it’s destiny, I would say for me, it’s being unique. I will not say it is so much of luck, but in the uniqueness of what I do. I put a little bit of luck in everything in life because it’s not all by my power. If you look at Instagram, I have a page that is a combo, a combination of different things, but people notice the fashion and dance aspect, everything work together to make things work.

I am not the best athlete or work out expert, or health conscious person, but what makes me different is the fact that I do my things very differently. Certain things I do are not something typical of someone of my age or background. My dress sense has also given me a lot of good feedbacks. My being active as a sports man is not peculiar, but I do everything I do actively and consistently.

What do you say to your critics who look down on an entertainer who rose through the likes of Instagram?

I will say thank you to the critics because criticism can put you down or make you stronger, the more I’m being criticized, the stronger I become.


I do this because even a lot of people close to me criticize me a lot, but as they kept criticizing, it made me stronger, I believed in myself because I knew what I was doing original, not fake, I wasn’t doing this to deceive people or to impress anybody. It was something that came to me naturally.

I’m going to thank my critics and tell upcoming people to learn from me, that if I can do what I’m doing at my age, anybody can, wherever you are right now, stay strong and expect people to talk down on you and not believe in you, but most importantly, believe in yourself to go forward ever.

Take yourself out of the equation entirely just for a moment, if you had to name the potential downside of social media’s impact on the entertainment industry, what would it be?

I will say that in as much as it has its upsides, just like everything else in life, social media is tough. Back in the days when there was no social media, 15, 20 years ago, people can do things in closed doors and no one will hear anything about it. But now, things come up quickly these days and people get to criticize you to your face.

Before, when you watch thing on TV, you can’t really say much, except in your closed doors, but now, people can say or write many things to your face. If you do not have a tough skin, you will shy away from doing what you want to do, it really takes a lot for people to survive because there’s a lot of bullying and discrimination. The down side is that a lot of talents are being killed because not many can survive the pressure.


Also, social media has given room for unnecessary contents, social media allow people to do all kinds of things and call it dance or singing and some even come out almost naked and you can’t really put a definition to anything anymore.

Whether you like it or not you are now a figure in the entertainment industry, a celebrity who is entirely the result of the information age.

What is your advice to those seeking to express their creativity through the likes of Instagram? Was it ever embarrassing? How did you overcome the fear of ridicule and continue expressing yourself so publicly?

I want to say thank you to my fan base and followers, who are from different places around the world. My fans come up with one voice, even though I see a lot of ridiculing and bullying, but my fan base has really kept me going. When I want to give up, I get feedbacks from my social media “soldiers” who respond when people say negative things and its mind blowing. I don’t even get to fight my battles myself.

My page is constantly active and engaging, I don’t even have to say anything many times, my fan base has kept me going and I appreciate them. For those who want to get into the social media life, I will advise them not to give up and remember that they will always get kicked when they put themselves out there because there is freedom of speech and people are allowed to say what they want.

I seldom delete people’s comments, except in a case of threat.

As an entertainer helping to define the future of entertainment, do you feel the responsibility to be a moral leader?

Yes, absolutely. It’s very important because a lot of people look up to me and believe in me and listen to what I say. So basically, you want to do the right thing as a leader because there is power in what you do. I try to maintain a very sane lifestyle and do the right thing.

On my page, I preach about kindness, I can’t be preaching that and acting differently. My morals have to be on track, we are humans and deviate sometimes, but for the most part, you know there’s no option but to make sure that you do your best to take that responsibility of being a moral leader.


Beyond your followers count and status, right now, at this moment in your life, what do you hope to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for helping people to find joy in simple things. In our world today, we do not want to appreciate the simple things of life. I want to be remembered for someone who impacted a lot into people’s life. I want to be remembered for kindness, not just to my family, but to those I’m able to reach out to within my capacity.

I want to be remembered for being fair and keeping things real. I have passion for deprived and underprivileged kids and elderly, because they are the most vulnerable in the society. I want to be remembered for my dance. I also want to be remembered for maintaining a healthy lifestyle regardless of age.

What is the underlying philosophy that has driven you to become who you are today?

It’s about finding joy in simple things. Knowing that life is too short and we can’t allow the big things overshadow the simple things we don’t even have to pay for or struggle to get. Taking a walk, exercising, putting a smile on peoples’ faces, that’s life. My philosophy is finding joy in simple things.

What is your advice to your fans?

First I want to appreciate my fans, I call them my family. I want to let them know that what I am doing today is what I asked God for three years ago on my birthday. I said back then to my sister that I wanted to celebrate my 50th birthday with the less privileged in Africa where I come from.

I asked God that I wanted to be known worldwide. A lot of things are coming up and it’s going to be fun, I appreciate my fan base for their kindness, without them I won’t be here. I want to let you guys know that a lot of better things are coming up in the future.


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