Nigerian Finest Fashion Designer Advices Young African Enterpreneurs

Fashion to me is a way of life, the way you dress, what you wear, where you go wearing your outfit, in general fashion is a lifestyle. 

One of the many reasons that I choose to do fashion designing was my love for Fashion, which grew as I grew older.

Colour, shapes, and styles always intrigued me and fashion designing also had a way to satisfy my creative fancies and imagination,and the one very important to me was self-employment.

When my passion started to evolve to money, I knew I was in the right career path, getting paid for what I love to do.

I always wanted to be my own boss and wanted work freedom.

It is also a very challenging yet exciting career, which makes it a very fun job to do.

My advice for young African entrepreneurs is love what you do.

Don’t expect success and profit in the initial years. Be original, be creative, be you. Constantly improve on your craft and lines will fall in pleasant places.

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