The inspiring journey of a Nigerian Techpreneur, Humanitarian, Talent agent, Sales & Business Strategist

Rex Moses is a Founder, Techpreneur, Humanitarian, Talent agent, Sales & Business Strategist.


Rex Moses was born to a Nigerian Farmer in Esan South East Local Government in Edo state. He came to Lagos in 1999 where he had to grow up in the toughest slums in Lagos. He struggled through school because of financial hiccup and had to undertake some menial jobs to complete with his education. As a teenager, his first brush with the business world was hard and strenuous as he had to work in big factories in Oregun, Lagos. His earliest memory of these struggles featured him hawking plantain chips and soft drinks on the 3rd Mainland bridge in Lagos. To source for fund in order to bag his first leaving school certificate, he sold fish in ketu market.


He has a Bachelor’s degree at University of Lagos where he studied Accounting. Asides from this, Rex has equipped himself with professional and educational skills from online courses and project that he undertook. He has a distinction in public relation at Oxford Home College in the UK, distinction in business management at Brentwood College in the UK, and another distinction in Project management in Brentwood.

Rex Moses


After leaving secondary school, Rex Moses took out time to equip himself with IT Skills. He worked as a computer instructor for IT centers around Lagos before moving into the world of Telecommunication. With his entrepreneurial skills as a street hawker coupled with his academic and IT knowledge, he was able to merge and settle comfortably into the world of telecom. He has worked with the NOKIA brand as an area sales supervisor and has managed to fit into the same role for SAMSUNG. He is a successful product and training manager and has distributed his knowledge at SOLO phones. Toshiba and Chimex Phones are some of the major telecom companies in Nigeria that he last worked with before deciding to pick up the mantle and setup different organizations that aligns with his personal goal.


While Rex may have been born into a Christian home, he identifies as a Christian but has stated that he does not believe in religion. He believes love is the greatest commandment.


Rex has spent decade amassing knowledge, influence and experience in major mobile telecommunication and top brand like Samsung, Nokia, and Toshiba. Looking at the eCommerce service in Africa, Rex decided that it was a good opportunity to create a company that will complement the fast pace industries and its expansion. He decided to build a company that feels like home to Nigerians who are looking to shop at affordable prices and get value for their money when they are rewarded with quality good and services. This is what led him to establish Fuge Online.

Rex Moses

Rex cofounded FUGE with key people in the eCommerce market who share the same goal and ambitions with him. Currently, Fuge Online serves an average of over three to five thousand Nigerians every month. Fuge Online has also expanded its services besides phones, and gadgets to cover travelling and solicitation services.

Rex has also gone ahead to partner and cofound a talent and advertising agency known as Zintra Media. Zintra Media, is a registered firm that specializes in advertising, marketing and talent management agency that intends having a footprint in the entertainment industry not just in Nigeria but all across the world. Zintra Media is involved in discovering, promoting and managing a wide array of talents with different niche in the entertainment industry. It is currently a home to star actors in the Nollywood industry like Aaron Sunday, Tony Umez, and top models outside Nigeria who are doing exceptionally well.


Rex is a socially conscious businessman and has expressed his desires through his various initiatives to help ameliorate poverty in Nigeria. He once said “We are so occupied with how different we are that we do not see the bigger picture on how similar all our oppressors appear.”

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