From Machiavelli to Modern Scandals: The Persistent Perception of Dirty Politics

Politics, often characterized as a dirty game, invokes images of backstabbing, corruption, manipulation, and power struggles.

Essential Keys for Elevating Education Standards Across Africa

The foundation of both societal advancement and human development is education. It serves as a stimulus for societal cohesiveness, economic expansion, and personal empowerment. Education has the power to change…

Navigating the African Political Landscape in 2024: 15 Strategies Shaping the Future

As Africa enters a new chapter in its political evolution, the dynamics shaping the continent's governance landscape are poised to undergo significant transformations.

Nigeria to host 7th African Spelling Bee competition

Nigeria has been selected to host the 7th African Spelling Bee competition in December.

Embracing the Future of Education: Integrating AR, VR, and AI into Curricula

Technological developments are continuously changing the way teachers and students learn in the quickly changing field of education. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) are at the forefront of these advances.

How Africa Can Stem the Exodus of Talent: Strategies to Combat Brain Drain in Africa

The term "brain drain" refers to the movement of highly skilled workers from developing to industrialized nations in search of higher living and career opportunities. “Brain drain is a serious challenge for Nigeria. Our best and brightest minds are leaving the country in search of better opportunities, and this poses a significant risk to our development." - Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

African Archaeological Sites: Preserving the Legacy of a Rich History

Africa, which is frequently referred to as the home of humanity, has a lengthy and diversified history.

The Rise of Micro-Credentials, Alternative Pathways To Degrees, And The Future Of Traditional College Campuses In Africa

Africa is not an exception to the global phenomena of the rise of micro-credentials, alternative routes to degrees, and the transformation of established college campuses.

Evaluating the Accountability in the African Education Sector

In order to assure educational quality, track student learning results, and hold educational institutions and policymakers accountable for their actions, assessment, and accountability are critical facets of the African education sector.

Reviving the Educational system in Nigeria and solutions to implement

Nigeria's educational system needs to be revitalized if the country is to advance and thrive.