15 African Artists to Watch Out for in 2024: A Kaleidoscope of Creative Brilliance

As the sun rises in 2024, a new energy surges through the veins of African music. A vibrant new generation of artists is ready to ignite the world stage, with their vocals ricocheting off sun-drenched beaches, pulsating subterranean clubs, and booming through crackling speakers in crowded cities.

Wizkid and Tems Absent from Grammy’s List of African Award Winners

Ahead of the 66th Grammy Award on February 4, the organisers have released a list of African musicians who have bagged the golden gramophones since the 1960s.

A Review on African Artists Who Made Their Mark in 2023

In 2023, African musicians achieved notable success in the international music arena, with a number of them taking home major honours and becoming well-known worldwide.

Davido, AY & Other Icons Named Among 100 Notable Peace Figures in Africa

Davido, AY & Other Icons Named Among 100 Notable Peace Figures in Africa

12 Most Talked About Musicians in Nigeria

It is not unexpected that Nigeria has given birth to some of the most well-known musicians in the world given its extensive musical history. Nigeria, one of the countries in Africa with a rich musical heritage Ain addition to performing, is gifted with a variety of cultures, faiths, and tribes. One of Africa's most populated regions is known for its diverse musical traditions, which include gospel, Juju, Highlife, Fuji, Afrobeat, hip hop, rock, and rhythm and blues. Recently, a number of Grammy-winning Nigerian musicians have made waves with their amazing songs.

Afrobeat: Nigerian Music Stars Dominating the Global Stages

Without an iota of doubt, Nigerian music has taking over the world. Afrobeat as a music genre has produced a new culture of amusement, excitement, and enchantment as popular dance hall music in those areas, from Lagos to Accra, Nairobi, Dubai, Johannesburg, Cape Town, London, Toronto, Houston, and Atlanta, to mention a few with music fans dancing to the beat emanating from the sound monitors, which is recognized and praised as Nigerian music, whether they are in a bar, nightclub, lounge, or restaurant including the international stages.