Publisher’s Note

An author once said “Celebrate endings–for they precede new beginnings.” —Jonathan Huie

Like many, my New Year’s resolution every January is to recommit to the incredible work that i have been doing. As you all know, throughout the year, our resolution tends to fluctuate however, at Arabella Star Magazine; we pride ourselves in being a credible and influential platform that disseminates news and information’s to bridge the gap in the media world.

These year, I want to assure you that i and my team will not relent in our dedication in providing you with contents that are rich, unbiased and time bound which is a major reason why our magazines are ageless.

Dr. Anne Wilson Schaef, a popular American clinical psychologist and author once said “Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.”

‘A sound mind lives in a sound body’ and ‘Health is wealth’ are all well-known sayings that Emphasizes on the importance of good health. The health of body is very essential for success in life. An unhealthy man is always weak, sad, gloomy and lacks confidence. No matter how much we work or how much we earn if we lose health, we lose everything. So we should all keep healthy habits.

Our January 2024 Edition focuses on a critical aspect of human existence, ‘Healthcare’.  It takes a critical look at the healthcare progress and the challenges faced in Africa.

This edition also features an exclusive interview with His Excellency, Mr. Kalilou Traore, the Ambassador of Cote d’Ivoire to Nigeria and permanent representative of Cote d’Ivoire to ECOWAS. We also bring you other exclusive stories in Politics, Business, fashion, Health, sport and many more.

Arabella Star Magazine will continue to project and disseminate the essence of society, life and humanity, not glossy over the challenges, contradictions and conflicts by deploying the best journalistic integrity and professionalism to shape these conversations as you go through the pages of the magazine.

Finally, I wish you a Happy New Year and hope that through our rich and educating content, elegant images and dynamic stories,  Arabella Star Magazine will continue to help you live your best life, find purpose and joy in all that you do as we celebrate society, humanity and credibility in 2024.

Livinus Chibuike Victor

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