Publisher’s Note

Paid advertising is key to keeping this magazine going, and we’re thankful so many of our advertisers have continued running ads with us.

Advertising provides the means for us to publish. And we are very grateful to all the companies, businesses and organizations that have chosen to advertise in Arabella star magazine even during tough times.

Meet our cover star, Nollywood veteran actor Tony Umez Role Model Extraordinary, followed by Documentary, Think adventure think morocco, politics, Exclusive Interviews , Health, State of the Nation, Lifestyles and more.

Nigeria business environment is undergoing several changes. Many large multinationals are now aware of the potential the continent holds, while local African business people are becoming more confident and exploring regional opportunities.

ARABELLA STAR MAGAZINE will continue to cover these trends and provide our readers with responsible business reports that informs, educates and inspires.

Livinus Chibuike Victor Publisher/CEO

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