The entire attention of the world has been shifted to the Middle East even some of the Western Leaders are accusing the Israel for tampering with the International Law meaning, killing civilians, children, women, elderly and attacking hospitals.

Alshifa hospital (the largest hospital in Gaza) and Indonesian hospital has been under attack which is the violation of International Law.

Analysts/commentators described what’s happening in Gaza as a genocidal activities not war between two separate armies.

Even the President of France Macron has said that Israel must stop killing the civilians in Gaza because it has no justification”. But Benjamin Netanyahu responded that “Hamas is responsible not Israel.” But Netanyahu must understand that diplomatic solution is the key to this 75 years disputes. Meaning, the two States solution can solve the whole problems.

This writing understands that Israel is commiting war crime by killing civilians, children and annihilation of families. More than 11,000 citizens of Palestine have been killed by Israel but only 1,400 Israelites were killed since the beginning of the war.

This is very dangerous for the existence of the world community. There is no food, fuel, water and no electricity in Gaza Strip. The Alshifa hospital in Gaza said that “37 children had died due to lack of oxygen in the intensive care units and has been shut down due to bombardment by the Israeli soldiers.

This writing understands that Israel’s ambition may lead to war in the Middle East wich may affect each and every parts of the world. This may lead to global economic meltdown as a result of skyrocketing of crude oils’ prices and other items.

Even the “Israel exports of gas to Western Europe has been reduced to 70%” of which will affect their economy. The ambition to supplies the gas to Western Europe by Israel is to bridge the shortage of natural gas to Europe due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. The war in the Middle East is more dangerous than that of Russia and Ukraine.

The Rt. Hon. Speaker of the House of Representatives of the USA said that “we have to keep our house in order before doing anything”. This means that the attention of the President of America Joe Biden and his government has been drawned to be extra careful with the war in the Middle East.

The 20% of global oils has been deposited in the Middle East. Hence, destroying the installation of oils in the Middle East will change the global economic interplay and economic aridity in the world can be worst than that of 1938 and 2008. Economy is the key to global existence.

Medical Director of Alshifa hospital says that “we cannot treat patients without water, oxygen, medical equipments, electricity, health workers and medicine in the hospital”.

Gaza Health Ministry says that 11,078 Palestinians have been killed and 27,490 injured since the beginning of the war on 07/10/2023 and most of the people killed were women and children. And the Doctors in Gaza is appealing to the International Community to try to stop the killings as soon as possible. Never in the history of the world that hospitals, schools and refugees were attacked.

Electric installations and communications has been destroyed by the Israel. Israel soldiers has been seeing surrounded hospitals and attacking everyone and bombardment can be heard in every locations in Gaza.

Many health workers, journalists and United Nations (UN) workers has been killed since the beginning of the war in Gaza on 07/10/2023. More than 2,700 Palestinians have been detained in Israel.

What is happening in Gaza is too nasty and unbearable and the global community most especially the global political and economic stakeholders must to call the attention of Israel (UN and USA) must stop the killing of civilians ASAP.

Otherwise breaking the global international law may lead to the third world war between the global Muslim nations and the Israel.

Currently, the 57 Muslim Countries are holding meetings and the world has to wait for the outcome of the meeting. Genocide is a war crime against humanity and must be stopped as soon as possible.

“Iran is calling for the Palestinians to attack the interests of Western World in anywhere around the world”. And again, many countries has cut off the diplomatic relations with Israel. Bolivia, Jordan, S/Africa, Turkey and many more counties are on the way.

The war in the Middle East is an important political and economic issue in the world and President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his team-ship must talk ASAP.

There is no reason for keeping quiet. Nigeria as the giant of Africa and most vibrant economic nation in Africa must be a player not spectator in each and every issue concerning the political and economic interplay in the world.

Nigeria must lead Africa not South Africa, Egypt or any other nation in the Continent. Nigeria is an important nation in the world with 2 and 1/2% of global population and one of the largest market for investments and oils productions.

Abbati Bako, psc, bsis, UK, Political Strategy and Communication Consultant IPRC Nigeria.

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