Innovation Africa: Eleven Most Innovative Inventions from Africa

Africa is a continent renowned for its varied topography and extensive cultural history. Nevertheless, the continent is going through a spectacular shift as it becomes a hub for innovation.

The continent has had a phenomenal upsurge in technical innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and ground-breaking solutions to regional problems over the past ten years.

This essay explores the dynamic innovation landscape in Africa, highlighting the major elements that are fueling this wave, the industries going through transition, and the possible effects on the continent’s future.

What are the factors that drive innovation?

The thriving innovation ecosystem in Africa is the result of a number of important factors. First off, the fast use of mobile technology has altered how information and communication are accessible across the continent. Africans are developing and disseminating creative solutions by taking advantage of the availability of inexpensive smartphones and growing internet connectivity. Additionally, the growth of tech hubs, incubators, and startup accelerators has cultivated a collaborative culture, fostering a setting favorable to invention and creativity. The potential of the African innovation environment is also recognized by governments and private investors, who encourage its expansion through enabling laws and funding programs.

Sectors that are transforming in Africa?

A wide number of industries in Africa are experiencing revolutionary change, which has the potential to spur long-term development. One such industry is agriculture, which offers cutting-edge solutions for value chain efficiency, food security, and agricultural productivity. Startups are enhancing smallholder farmers’ access to information, financing, and markets by utilizing precision farming, remote sensing, and mobile applications. These developments have the potential to alter the agricultural environment, enhance livelihoods, and guarantee food security.

Another important sector that is witnessing innovation is healthcare. A continent with poor healthcare infrastructure, little access to high-quality healthcare services, and a high prevalence of diseases is in need of creative solutions to fill the gaps. Telemedicine platforms, affordable medical equipment, and data-driven health management systems all make remote diagnosis, better healthcare delivery, and disease surveillance viable. These developments have the potential to drastically lower the illness load in Africa and improve healthcare outcomes.

Additionally, financial technology (finch) is transforming how people across the continent receive financial services. Innovative mobile payment options, peer-to-peer lending platforms, and digital wallets enable millions of previously unbanked Africans because traditional banking infrastructure is constrained. Fintech advances encourage financial inclusion, spur economic expansion, and present fresh business options, all of which ultimately benefit people and communities. A wide range of inventive innovations that originated in Africa have had a significant impact on a number of sectors. Here are some prominent African examples of inventive innovations, albeit it was tough to limit the list to only 11:


The mobile financial services platform M-Pesa, created in Kenya, is transforming banking in Africa. Millions of previously unbanked people now have access to financial services because to its mobile-friendly deposit, withdrawal, and transfer features.

It is the biggest fintech platform in the area and the most popular mobile money service in Africa. M-PESA is the preferred payment option for both banked and unbanked people across the continent due to its security and unmatched convenience. Additionally, it provides financial services to millions of people who lack bank accounts or have restricted access to banking services but have mobile phones.

Over 51 million users in seven African nations now have access to M-PESA, which provides a cost-effective, safe, and convenient method to send and receive money, top up airtime, pay bills, get paid, get short-term loans, and do many other things.


Cardiopad is a tablet-based medical device that enables remote cardiac tests and was developed by Arthur Zang of Cameroon. It removes geographic obstacles to specialized healthcare by enabling healthcare professionals to conduct heart tests, record the results, and send them to cardiologists for study.

Kiira EV

African continent’s first electric car is called the Kiira EV, which was created by Makerere University students in Uganda. It displays the potential of the continent for sustainable transportation while standing for innovation and clean energy.

Solar-Powered Internet


Solar-Powered Internet: A Kenyan business named BRCK developed a tough, solar-powered device that connects to the Internet in off-the-grid locations with scant infrastructure. The BRCK gadget serves as a center for communication for enterprises, communities, and educational institutions. It can be connected to Wi-Fi or mobile networks.




AgriProtein is a South African business that has created an original strategy for environmentally friendly animal feed. They use black soldier fly larvae to transform organic waste into high-protein feed, lowering the environmental effect of conventional animal feed production and offering a solution for waste management and food security.


Ushahidi is a crowdsourcing platform based in Kenya that enables users to map and report on disasters in real time. It provides useful information for decision-making and coordination, and has been utilized in disaster relief, election monitoring, and human rights action all around the world.


A mobile ultrasound device that can be connected to a smartphone was developed by the South African company Mobisante. This innovation makes it possible for remote healthcare workers to conduct ultrasound scans and send the data to medical experts, enhancing access to diagnostics.

Motorcycle Bright Jacket

The “Mureza Jacket,” an intelligent motorcycle jacket, was created by Zimbabwean Sabelo Sibanda.

It has sensors and networking capabilities that can detect accidents, alert emergency services, and give first responders crucial medical information, all of which increase road safety.

Praekelt’s TxtAlert

Praekelt’s TxtAlert is a mobile platform built by Praekelt, a South African technology startup, that transmits important health information to pregnant women and new mothers by SMS. It has helped to enhance mother and child health in a number of African countries.

Rancard Solutions

Rancard Solutions, headquartered in Ghana, has also developed a mobile marketing technology platform that enables firms to reach clients through targeted SMS and USSD messaging. As a result, it has significantly contributed to expanding mobile advertising and customer engagement across the continent.


Nzambi Matee, a Kenyan engineer, created the low-cost device known as Firefly. It turns discarded plastic into sturdy building blocks.

By addressing the issue of plastic waste and the demand for reasonably priced building supplies, this innovation offers a sustainable housing alternative.

These are only a few of the countless brilliant innovations from Africa. Additionally, the continent’s thriving and diverse IT environment is advancing innovation and growth on a worldwide scale.

The Implications for Africa’s Future

The future of the continent is extremely promising as a result of the rise of African creativity. African inventors solve regional issues with indigenous solutions, fostering social advancement and opening up economic opportunities. These developments may lead to more investment, job opportunities, and long-term economic prosperity. Additionally, they support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which focus on pressing problems including hunger, poverty, healthcare, and sustainable energy.

Likewise, the continent’s expanding innovation ecosystem draws attention and cooperation from throughout the world. The potential of Africa as a market for cutting-edge goods and services is understood by multinational corporations and organizations. Additionally, collaborations between African entrepreneurs and foreign investors give them access to knowledge, resources, and worldwide networks, advancing the continent’s innovation environment.

Africa is seeing a wave of extraordinary innovation that is altering the continent’s socioeconomic environment.

Through the combination of technology, entrepreneurship, and creative problem-solving, Africans are using their enormous potential to address local concerns and achieve sustainable development.

As Africa embraces innovation, there is a continual need for investment in education, infrastructure, and supportive policies to further nourish this ecosystem. Africa is positioned to realize its potential and emerge as a worldwide leader in innovation and technology in the next years, thanks to its robust and dynamic innovation landscape.

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