China and Nigeria Collaborate to Enhance Diplomatic Ties through Cultural Expressions

In a bid to strengthen diplomatic relations, Ambassador Cui Jianchun of China in Nigeria has emphasized the importance of leveraging cultural talents from both nations.

During a briefing in Abuja, Cui highlighted the significance of cultural collaboration while discussing the joint performance by the China National Traditional Orchestra (CNTO) and the Nigeria Arts Troupe.

Presented by CNTO, a music ensemble under China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the event centered around the themes of shared harmony and a Nigeria-China symphony.

Cui expressed, “This event embodies harmony and symphony, with the aspiration that China and Nigeria can deepen their bond through the artistic endeavors of these musicians and performers.”

He underlined the need for China and Nigeria to align more closely, not only in terms of diplomatic relations and economic cooperation but also in fostering people-to-people connections.

“As a significant country, Nigeria requires talented individuals—experts who possess knowledge and skills—to contribute to its growth. We believe it’s time for us to collaborate more closely,” Cui remarked.

The ambassador praised Nigerian students who returned to their home country after studying in China, aligning with Chinese philosophy that encourages those who study abroad to support their nation.

As of June 2023, 65 Nigerian graduates from Chinese universities have returned and are now employed by entities such as the China Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCECC).

During an interview at the event, Mrs. Caroline Adepoju, acting Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), lauded the Nigeria-China symphony as a means to enhance bilateral relations.

Adepoju commented, “Cross-cultural entertainment plays a crucial role in economic development. This occasion is welcomed, and we anticipate more like it in the future. Activities that facilitate the exchange of knowledge, technology, and entertainment are highly valuable.”

She emphasized the need for raising awareness about Nigeria-China cross-cultural interactions, noting that NIS would actively support all forms of developmental projects within Nigeria.

Mr. Abdullahi Usman, Director-General of the Borno Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, and Agriculture (BOCCIMA), celebrated the foundation of Nigeria-China diplomatic relations built on mutual understanding.

He noted the growth of business transactions between Nigeria and China, highlighting how many Nigerian entrepreneurs are now turning to China for commerce opportunities.

Usman remarked, “With stronger relations, the diplomatic ties between Nigeria and China will continue to flourish. This will not only enhance commerce but also elevate our workforce capabilities.”

Usman called on the Federal Government to enhance electricity supply and bolster security measures to attract more foreign investment to Nigeria.

The event showcased joint performances that incorporated elements of Nigerian and Chinese folk songs, alongside enchanting flute and drum renditions.

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