Cameroon: Amid Suspected Death of Vice-Consul, French Consulate Temporarily Suspends Visa Services

A placard at the door to the French consulate in Douala, the capital and largest city of Cameroon, states that “the visa service has recently been discontinued until further notice.”

The notice offers no additional explanation to visa applicants. However, the French vice-consul in Douala, Christian André Marie Hué, was discovered hanging in his Douala I home, according to recent reports.

The French community has been in grief since his passing. In the Bonanjo administrative district, the French Consulate General was in mourning. Both the French flag and services are flown at half-staff.

The atmosphere inside the consulate is depressing. No coworker is authorized to comment on this tragedy, an employee who asked to remain anonymous stated.

We must adhere to the declaration made by the consulate. The latter responded that it might happen this week when asked when services will restart. We are informed that “only the emergency cases involving French nationals are currently being processed.”

Christian André Marie Hue, Head of Chancery at the French Consulate General in Douala, was born on June 7, 1957, in Mazingarbe, France. His death’s official reason is still a mystery. Unofficial sources assert that it is connected to visa trafficking, nevertheless.

The chancellery issued a statement that was posted on its website that read, “An investigation is underway to shed light on the causes and circumstances of this tragic event.” The Regional Division of the judicial police (DRPJ).

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