Cruelty, dehumanization and disrespect of humans in Gaza Strip

The name “United Nations” was coined by the late President of the United States of America, Franklin D Roosevelt.

The organization had started with the Representatives of 26 countries and pledged their Government to continue with the name “United Nations” (UN).

The essence behind the creation of United Nations (UN) before the end of the Second World War on January’s 1, 1942 has been to protect humanity, respect human person, dignify his existence, fundamental human rights, freedom of want and freedom of speech as well as independence of nations.
Remember that the slogan of United Nations (UN) since then has been YOU THE PEOPLE!

Thousands of children, women and elderly people has been massacred in Gaza by the Israeli soldiers under the watch of global community and United Nations (UN).

We are in the modern world. The world of science, technology and innovation as well as the world of globalization policy which the United Nations (UN) that suppose to cater for the welfare of about 8.2B YOU THE PEOPLE!

Where are the International Public Policy Makers? Where are the experts in the field of negotiations and mediations? Where are the global NGOs that suppose to mediate in this war between Israel and Palestine? Why the world is silent?

What is happening in Gaza strip can lead to serious regional conflicts in the Middle East. And again, serious conflicts in the Middle East can involve 57 Muslim Countries and United States of America, European Nations and other interested nations of the world can be actively involved.

Hence, bombardment by the TelAviv against the Palestinians may change the directions of global political, economic and social security.

Middle East is a sensitive region that if destroy by war the world may not be the same. Cornel West is a political activist in the USA and political leftist “urged the Israeli to stop the war for peace and stability in the Middle East of the world”.

The President of the USA Joe Biden urged the Israeli soldiers to make sure that “hospitals are not attach” to protect the life of the people in Gaza.

In any religion of the world attacking the women, children, elderly and civilians is prohibited. And again, to restore electricity energy, water resources, food, medicines and fuel is necessary to save the life of 2.3M people in Gaza Strip.

Conclusively, this writing understands that the world is watching with dismay on what is happening in Gaza Strip.

Attack on women, elderly, hospitals, schools and refugees are against the International Law. This can lead to the involvement of International Court of Justice against some of the leaders that are involve in the war.

Now is the right time to stop the killings in Gaza Strip. War in the Middle East may not be the solution to the conflicts. Many analysts proposed that the two states solutions may solve the problems.

Abbati Bako,psc,bsis,Kent,UK Political Strategy and Communication Consultant, IPRC, Nigeria

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