UAE Denies Arming Sudan’s Warring Factions; Emphasizes Support for Peace

In a resolute response, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) categorically refuted allegations surrounding the provision of weaponry and ammunition to opposing factions embroiled in Sudan’s conflict.

Distancing itself from partiality, the UAE underscored its commitment to seeking a resolution to the ongoing strife while emphasizing the imperative of upholding Sudan’s sovereignty.

A spokesperson from the UAE’s Foreign Ministry affirmed this stance.

The pronouncement emerged following a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, revealing the discovery of crates containing weapons and ammunition aboard a cargo plane dispatched by the UAE, which had reached Uganda in early June.

In a perplexing twist, the cargo, contrary to initial indications on flight records, turned out to consist of armaments instead of intended aid for Sudanese refugees.

Afra Al Hameli, a notable voice from the UAE, asserted that the nation has refrained from supplying arms or ammunition to any of the conflicting parties since the eruption of hostilities in April.

Furthermore, Al Hameli emphasized the UAE’s unwavering dedication to supporting endeavors aimed at fostering security, stability, and prosperity within Sudan.

This support, Al Hameli affirmed, will persist until the attainment of a ceasefire and the establishment of lasting harmony in the region.

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