Rapper Killer Mike detained at Grammys after triple win

Rapper Killer Mike was detained at the Grammys on Sunday after sweeping the three awards he was nominated for, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A video posted on social media by one of the outlet’s reporters showed the rapper — real name Michael Render — taken in handcuffs to an undisclosed location at Crypto.Com Arena, where the Grammys were being held.

The Hollywood Reporter quoted an arena security official saying the rapper had been detained for a reason unrelated to the awards gala.

The Los Angeles Police Department did not immediately respond to an AFP request for comment on the matter.

Seemingly during the time he was detained, Killer Mike tweeted a series of emojis to represent his three awards and a clean sweep, with the words: “Thank God.”

Killer Mike won Grammys for best rap album for “Michael,” along with best rap song and performance for “Scientists & Engineers.”

“I consciously set out to make the best album in the world,” he told journalists backstage.

“I consciously set out to tell the story of a young Black boy growing up on the west side of Atlanta so that the world can see that our narrative isn’t just victimization and losing, but we can win, we can thrive and prosper.”


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