Publisher’s Note

Abraham Lincoln once said; “The best way to predict the future is to create it”, and that is exactly what I am doing on a day-to-day basis, crafting the future I envisage.

Publishing THESE OUTSTANDING MAGAZINE is an absolute honor. The prospects of the magazine speak directly to what I believe in as a human being and fundamentally aids in my quest of creating a future where I assist people to make informed decisions pertaining to their choices.

I am a firm believer that individual are at the core of not only building a nation, but also building one’s self, and for this fundamental reason, career guidance ought to be prioritized in society.

My hope as a publisher is that young people will take advantage and make use of the information and content found in this magazine. ARABELLA STAR MAGAZINE is a unique magazine because the majority of the content is not time-bound, thus making it a very useful handbook that doesn’t age. Of course a broad concept and presents a challenge when it comes to covering scope, however, the team working on the magazine is equal to the task.

I pride myself on having a team consisting of 100% youth, leading and working on the magazine. This excites me because it means these young people are not only crafting their future but they are also assisting other young people in also crafting their future and that of the country.

Amy Tenney once said “Strong women are needed in the world. Women with an unbreakable will, who will uplift and strengthen others, who will love and be loved, who will live boldly…. On this edition we tell the story of ONE OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMAN IN THE WORLD. NGOZI OKONJO IWEALA THE GIANT STRIDE AMONG MEN AND WOMEN, Followed by Exclusive Interview, Health, Politics, Business, Education and more.

We have striven to project and disseminate the essence of society, life and humanity not glossy over challenges, contradictions and conflicts.

However, deploying the best journalistic integrity and professionalism to shape this conversation as you go through the pages of ARABELLA STAR MAGAZINE and relish the rich and educating content, elegant images as we celebrate society, humanity and credibility.


Livinus Chibuike Victor


Livinus Chibuike Victor

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