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Arabella star magazine is an eye-opener and a compass to the unseen/untapped facts in politics, culture, business, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment trends etc. Cutting across geopolitical, ethnic &  continental sphere.

Arabella  star magazine bridge the gap and brings you the world in each of our publication.

Hence, we publish global trending news and more.

Creating this sample issue of ARABELLA star magazine, we  want to showcase our identity by highlighting the unique and interesting stories of young  Africans and the Diaspora. By telling their unique stories, we are sharing our identity with you as a digital publication that highlights the best of young modern Africa and all its potential. We want to show our readers a different side of Africa than what is shown in the global media. There is so much growth and change happening across the continent as Africa re-emerges onto the world stage. ARABELLA star magazine hopes to inspire, awaken, and motivate the next generation of Africa & the world at large 

We seek to breakdown stereotypes, not just those present in the West, but even those present amongst Africans about one another. The continent is vast and the tribes various, so we too can be oblivious to the new and exciting stories emerging across the motherland. I also hope this publication can open the lines of communication between those in the Diaspora and Africans at home. By bridging the gap between the two communities, the opportunities for progress and success are endless.




Arabella Star Magazine vision is to build
a reputable and world class media institution
whose watchword is professional and integral


We will publish a credible and influential magazine
that will galvanise the public especially the
government and decision makers into actions
that will change the political, Socio-Economic
landscape without jeopardizing peace
in the country.

We will focus on business, economy,
Health, Education, Agriculture, Environment,
politics, Entertainment, Culture, Lifestyle, and give voice
to the silent majority and minority groups.


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