Naturally, I Like To Give Coz I Struggled In My Life –De General

In his interview with Arabella Star Magazine, comedy skit maker, Joshua Sunday Martins, popularly known as De General, speaks on how consistency and passion for entertainment have propelled him. 

Who is Joshua Sunday Martins?

I am a father, comedian, an influencer, a script writer, a director. I am popularly known as De General aka thank God. Thai is Sunday Joshua Martins

How did the journey into skit-making start for you?

The journey into skit making started in 2018, but before then I have been writing scripts since 2013, I am a very good script writer, so I am always writing scripts.

In 2015 after my senior WAEC, my classmates as at then came to me and told me there was audition, that since I was funny in class, maybe I would be good in the movie sector so they encouraged me to go for the audition and I was given a role.

Since then, I had been going for several auditions and it wasn’t going well and I got tired of auditions and I thought to explore social media and go into short clips, and I thought if I became popular from there, then I could go into movies.

So, I and my friend, Major together started together, but when I got admission in 2018 into University of Benin. Basically, it was in 2017 I started skit-making.

Joshua Sunday Martins aka De General


What was growing up like?

Growing up for me was very tough, I was born into a family of five, into a poor background. My mum was a trader and my dad an electrician. I used to hawk pure water, sell fufu, plantain, etc.

I did not know that we were poor, I thought I was doing it for fun until I got to secondary school and saw that there were rich people, average people and poor people, that was when I thought about hustling and changing the narrative.

Joshua Sunday Martins aka De General

Comedy as a form of entertainment is fast becoming a big industry that seems to be taking lead in the entertainment industry, as we now have influx of people doing skit making. What would you say is responsible for this rebirth?

I think it is the social media, there is a lot of opportunity to show your talent online. There are people with talents who don’t have the platform and going for auditions, most people now can go online to usher in their presence and showcase their talent.

What were the challenges you faced while starting as a skit-maker?

It wasn’t easy when nobody watched you except your family members, I was always disturbing my dad to go online to watch, it was’nt easy. For you to make money, you need your face to be shown so that people can recognize and start seeing your content. It wasn’t really easy.

Joshua Sunday Martins aka De General


If you were to do something differently, what would that be?

I would be playing football, I love anything entertainment, so football would have been the other option.

Who is Joshua Sunday Martins, when he is not on set?

He is an introvert; my social life is on social media. I like staying indoors all day and playing video games. I don’t club or really go out. But if it has something to do with entertainment, I can go out.

In most of your skit you always disguise yourself, what is the reason behind that?

That is my social experiment, were I go to people to beg for money. Naturally, I like to give because I remember how I struggled and I want to give back to the streets that made me.

I came up with a social experiment, so I disguise myself as a mad man or a crippled man to see who would show kindness and then reward them with cash gift.

Joshua Sunday Martins aka De General

What was your down moments like, and how did you handle it?

It was my encounter with NDLEA. It was not easy but I had to constantly reminded that I was innocent and this is one of life’s challenges. The whole experience was terrible but it even made me more famous.

What should your fan’s expect in 2023?

My movie, I will be going into film making. I am bringing out something different, Nollywood will become content-wood. I will ne releasing my first action movie that will be like an actual action movie.

Joshua Sunday Martins aka De General

I will release my first cinema movie that will be directed and produced by me, it is coming from a youth and it will be something different, something that the youth want to fans should be expecting something big in the cinema from me.

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