I Hope To Become The President Of Nigeria One Day – Prince Chris Ugochukwu Benjamin Eze Ndi Igbo in Senegal

Tell us about your background

My name is Prince Chris Ugochukwu Benjamin from Isiala Ngwa North local government in Abia State. I come from a royal background, and from a polygamous family.

I started my life in Nigeria, and started my career in the Nigerian movie industry as a movie marketer and producer before I traveled to Senegal where I have been able to do a lot of things.

What do you cherish the most about being the Eze ndi igbo in Dakar?

I became influential in Senegal and I am recognized by the President and ministers in Senegal, as the king of Nigerians here in Senegal and many other people.

This has helped me to be of assistance to a lot of Nigerians who have issues with the police or court in Senegal by my relationship with the commissioners.

Prince Chris Ugochukwu Benjamin Eze Ndi Igbo in Senegal

Tell us about your educational background

I have my first doctorate degree in Concord Law school, California, USA. I got my first degree in University of Nigerian, Nsukka.

I lived in Enugu for some years and that was where I became a movie marketer and producer. I hope to become the president of Nigeria, in order to put things in order.

I will contest for presidency in 2027 because I believe that the youths have to come out and rule the country.

Prince Chris Ugochukwu Benjamin Eze Ndi Igbo in Senegal

How have you been managing to be a traditionalist, ezigbo in dakar Senegal in a country that also practises Islam as religion?

Senegal is a great country. I became a Muslim in Senegal, and my wife is Senegalese.

Do you still maintain friendship with people from your childhood?

I don’t have a particular friend but I make a lot of friends, but God is the only friend I have.

I don’t keep friends but everyone is my friend, I see everybody coming my way as my friend.

I have been helpful to Nigerians who live in Senegal, the Nigerians here are always happy to see me on national television.

Prince Chris Ugochukwu Benjamin Eze Ndi Igbo in Senegal

How do you like to dress?

I always dress like royalty. I like to dress in a way that shows royalty.

What is your relationship with the Igbo community In Senegal?

The Nigerian community here from the embassy to the people love me. They are proud to see me on the Senegal national television and even the musicians sing with my name.

Do u have any interest in politics?

I hope to become the president of Nigeria one day and I want to encourage the youths to shun violence, kidnapping and the likes. The youth must not look at others and be under pressure to acquire money.

What are the words you live by?

I have a very good relationship with my mother, I can say that she is my best friend. She has taught me a lot and my policy is to love everybody that comes my way.

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