How Young Thug’s Music Rescued Shallipopi from Depression

Nigerian singer Shallipopi recently opened up about the pivotal role that Young Thug’s music played in pulling him out of a bout of depression.

During a candid conversation on the ‘Is This Seat Taken’ podcast with host Chinasa Anukam, Shallipopi shared his deeply personal journey.

He recounted a time in his life when he found himself battling depression, primarily due to financial struggles and a lack of emotional support. In this dark period, the music of Young Thug, the renowned US rapper, and Dablixx Osha, the late Nigerian rapper, became his lifelines.

Shallipopi expressed his admiration for Young Thug, whom he referred to as his “favorite artist,” and Dablixx Osha, underscoring how their music provided him with solace during his depressive episode.

During this challenging time, Shallipopi noted that he began to truly grasp the lyrics of their songs, which, in turn, served as a lifeline to him. He reflected, “I listen to Young Thug, he is like my best artiste. Not only Young Thug, you know Dablixx Osha? The artiste that died like two years ago? I would say they saved me from depression.”

He went on to explain that his depression wasn’t solely due to a lack of love but also tied to financial difficulties. In such a state, he recognized that he needed to be in a specific frame of mind to truly appreciate the depth of lyrics, and the music of Young Thug and Dablixx Osha came to his rescue.

Shallipopi gained prominence with the release of his debut single, ‘Elon Musk,’ and has since garnered a positive reception for his music. He made an intriguing revelation in August, disclosing that he doesn’t write his lyrics but records freestyles in the studio. His openness about his mental health journey and the healing power of music highlights the profound impact that art and artists can have on people’s lives.

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