Greece invites freelance writers, developers, Bloggers, others to apply for its digital nomad visa 

The nation of Greece has a Digital Nomad Visa program for 2023 which permits non-European nationals to reside and work in Greece without the need for a job offer from a Greek employer.   

This visa aims to allow remote workers who work remotely for any country in the world and meet a certain salary threshold, to reside in Greece.

According to report by Arabella star around 1,693 digital nomad visas have been granted in Greece.

Here are the details of the visa: 

Details of the Digital Nomad Visa

The Greece Digital Nomad Visa is initially valid for one year and can be extended. A significant advantage of this visa is the freedom to travel to other European Schengen countries and beyond.

Digital nomads must work remotely for a Company or a remote contractor and can be either a Youtuber, Blogger, travel blogger, freelance writer, developer or any other free.

With the Greece Digital Nomad Visa, you can work remotely for any employer, or company registered outside of Greece.

If working for a company remotely then you must provide a valid letter of employment.

Below, you’ll find more information about the application process and the requirements for the Greece Digital Nomad Visa in 2023.

Financial requirements for the visa 

€75 application fee.

€150 administration fee.

As of October 2023, you must have a monthly salary of at least €3,500.

If you are coming with your spouse and one dependent, then you must show you can earn €4,830€/month.

Taxes for Digital Nomads in Greece 

If your stay in Greece as a digital nomad is less than six months, you won’t be required to pay taxes. However, once you exceed six months, tax obligations come into effect.

According to Greek law, half of your monthly income will not be subject to taxes. This applies to you as a digital nomad for your first seven years.

Popular Places for Digital Nomads in Greece 

Greece, located in Europe is known for its stunning landscapes, islands, beaches and cuisine.

Here are some popular cities where digital nomads can live whilst working remotely in Greece:

Athens: The capital city of Greece, Athens, is a good destination for digital nomads due to its affordable cost of living. The city has historical sites like the Acropolis, various museums, and numerous churches. Athens has around 40 coworking spaces.

Thessaloniki: In Thessaloniki, there are six coworking spaces, making it a suitable location for digital nomads.

This port city offers attractions such as the White Tower of Thessaloniki, Hagios Demetrios, Aristotelous Square, the vibrant Ladadika district, and more.

Santorini: Santorini is a dream destination for many, and with the Greece digital nomad visa, you can work remotely while enjoying the island’s beaches, iconic white houses, and the lighthouse.

Rhodes: Rhodes has medieval architecture, lovely landscapes, and enchanting locations.

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