Comedian AY Apologises To Davido Over Pregnancy Joke

Comedian Ayo Makun, also known as AY, has publicly apologised to Afrobeats artist David Adeleke, aka Davido, for a jest at the singer’s expense at a recent event in Warri, Delta State.

In a viral video taken from the event, Davido was introduced as a guest artist, to which AY humorously referenced the singer’s hit song, Unavailable.

He playfully pondered what might occur if the singer, who claimed to be “unavailable” in the song, were “available”, considering the number of women reportedly pregnant by him.

On Sunday, AY took to Instagram to issue an apology to Davido, openly admitting that the joke should never have been made. He expressed genuine regret, emphasising that his words were never meant to cause harm.

He wrote, “I am so sorry for telling that joke the way it came out in Warri. I shouldn’t even call it a joke anymore. It wasn’t funny like it was during my tour in the US and Canada, and you have every right to be angry after seeing how the blogs used it.

“Please know that it is always a learning experience for all of us in the entertainment business. I deserve any backlash or negative thoughts coming my way for the joke that was badly delivered in Warri. So, no excuses at all, my Aburo. No reason am. I remain your number one fan, and I love you @davido.”

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