10 most dangerous jungles in the world and their location

Not many years ago, big hectares of the land on earth were covered by forests. Today, only small hectares are covered with forest. This is thanks to factors like human activity, change in climatic conditions, and natural disasters. Russia and Brazil have the highest percentage of forest cover. Jungles and forests are home to the rarest plants and wild animals. If not for human interference, most forests would still be in their original form, being home to all kinds of flora and fauna. The most dangerous jungles in the world are reported to have toxic plants, dangerous and rare animals, and spooky sightings.

Exploring a forest that has been classified as dangerous takes guts and a lot of preparation. For many years, dead bodies have been recovered from dangerous forests after locals went for a hike never to return. Animals that live in jungles may not pose as a threat to people who go for trails unprovoked, but that does not make them any less harmful.

1. Amazon Rainforest

Amazon, also known as Amazonia, is one of the largest jungles in the world. The vast rainforest covers an area not less than 5.5 million km². Some of the countries touched by the Amazonia include Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Suriname, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Guyana, and French Guiana, with Brazil covering the largest area.

Amazon forest covers 50% of the rainforests on earth. The jungle is fed by the Amazon River and about 1100 tributaries. This enables the growth and existence of both flora and fauna. The animals in the Amazon rarely go after humans unless in self-defence. The forest, however, has plenty of frogs and snakes and other threatening reptiles.

Amazon Rainforest


2. Dering Woods

The Dering Woods is located in Kent between the villages of Smarden and Pluckley. This forest is known to have sounds of footsteps every once in a while. No one knows where the footsteps come from or whom they belong to. There are also terrifying screams at night emerging from the forest. Dering Woods is said to be the most haunted woods in the UK.

There are whispers during days that have thick fog too. Legend has it that during the 18th century, an army colonel and a highwayman were captured by villagers, pinned to a tree, and decapitated. Since then, many locals around have reported sightings of black shadows that have been following them while in the forest. The Dering Woods is also known for having one of the most ancient Neolithic sites worldwide.

Dering Woods


3. Sambisa forest 

Sambisa forest is located in northeast Nigeria. The forest covers 518 square kilometres with a huge part being thick vegetation that is full of animals and reptiles. Sambisa forest was known for the stray elephants and most dangerous creepers.

The forest is also known for being a strategic Boko Haram hideout for almost one decade, which makes it even more dangerous

The terrorist group is known for brutally killing innocent citizens, abducting civilians including young girls, and spreading their idea of purifying northern Nigeria to be fully Islamic. The hilly terrain and tall trees are some of the things that make the terrorist group set their camps in the forest.

Sambisa forest


4. Hoia Baciu Forest

Hoia Baciu forest in Romania covers about 295 hectares. The forest, which is also known as the Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania is both dangerous and creepy. Hoia is situated to the west of the city of Cluj-Napoca, near the open-air section of the Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania. Many locals have stated that the forest is home to ghosts and bizarre noises.

UFOs have been reportedly spotted in the forest, making this place feel strange. Hoia Baciu is one of the scariest forests in the world. The forest has funny shaped trees and those who manage to go through it report that they experience strange feelings like exhaustion, insomnia, thirst, nausea, and vomiting. People still visit the forest for recreational purposes despite it being that eerie.

Hoia Baciu Forest


5. Crooked Forest

The Crooked Forest is located outside Nowe Czarnowo village and West Pomerania province in Poland. The forest is known for its unique, oddly-shaped pine trees. Most of the pine are twisted slightly above the ground level towards the north direction, forming the shape of an inverted question mark. The forest has about 400 trees that were planted around 1930. Many theories are explaining the shapes of the pines one being that they were bent by snowstorms or floods.

 Some theories suggest that the trees were bent by a method applied by men so that they can be used directly in the creation of boats. Crazy theories assert that witchcraft and energy fields were involved in the bending of the trees. The crooked forest has usual forest animals like rabbits, squirrels, and birds. It has also been recorded that the forest has strange sightings like paranormal activities making it one of the creepiest forests in the world.


Crooked Forest


6. Tsingy Forest

Tsingy Forest is a nature reserve located near the western coast of Madagascar in Melaky region. The forest covers 666 km2 having formed approximately 200 million years ago. The nature reserve is known as the forest of knives due to the karst limestone formations that make up the stone forests. Tsingi Forest is one of the most dangerous jungles in the world. The limestone rocks have an elevation of up to 70 meters from the ground. They have razor-sharp edges that making them form a knife-like shape. Tsingy forest is divided into two parts; Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nation Reserve, and Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nation Reserve is located near the western coast of Madagascar, while the other part of the forest found on the northwest side of the island.

Tsingy Forest


7. Daintree Rainforest

Daintree Rainforest is situated on the northeast coast of Queensland, Australia, north of Mossman and Cairns. It covers about 1200 square kilometres and has beautiful trees. The forest is dense and thick, making it easy for anyone to get lost among flora and fauna. Daintree Rainforest is considered one of the oldest, most stunning natural attractions in the world and also one of the most dangerous rainforests in the world. The forest, however, hosts several dangerous wild animals and plants that are harmful to humans. Some of the most dangerous wild animals found in Daintree Forest include the saltwater crocodile, snakes, ticks, and leeches. The stinging plant found in the forest has fine poisonous hairs on its heart-shaped leaves that cause extreme irritation when they come in contact with the human skin.

Daintree Rainforest


8. Black Forest

Black forest is a mountainous region in southwest Germany near the border of France. The dense, evergreen forests are beautiful to look at, but also dangerous to penetrate. The forest has deadly animal species and other wild creatures. Despite the panoramic view on the mountain ranges, not many are brave enough to get into the forest.

The hundreds of tall pine and fir trees form such a vast and thick canopy that prevents natural sunlight from touching the floor of the forest. Black Forest is one of the darkest forests in the world and habitat to several animals including the deer, foxes rabbits, badgers, squirrels, owls, elk, and vultures. The forest is also said to be haunted as once in a while ominous noises are heard coming from the trees.

Black Forest


9. Aokigahara Forest

Aokigahara Forest covers 32 million square meters. The forest is located along the northwestern flank of Japan’s Mount Fuji. This sea of trees is also home to ghosts. The forest has become an ideal location for many Japanese who go to end their lives. It is reported that more than 500 people have committed suicide in the forest since 1950. As a result, Japanese authorities have tried to erect signposts in some parts of the forest with messages asking people to rethink their decision.

 Theories are suggesting that due to the meddling of underground iron deposits with compasses, many people had lost their path from the forest and died. Aokigahara forest has huge dense trees that are easily confusing for any visitor who goes to the forest. This could be another reason why many people go to the forest never to be seen again.

Aokigahara Forest


10. Jog Falls Forest

Jog Falls Forest is situated in the Karnataka state of India. It is primarily known for the second-highest plunge waterfall in India. The waterfall is linked with a vast forest that is yet to be explored, due to the lack of a proper path. The falls attract both local and foreign tourists due to their serious height and how distinct they look. Jog Falls Forest also has some caves inside which are dark and creepy. Jog Falls is one of the densest forests in the world, making it an excellent habitat for all types of wild animal species. It is accessible to the public throughout the year except for the monsoon seasons.

Jog Falls Forest

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