‘The Tony Umez Of Today Is A Super-Improved Version In all Areas’

The Nollywood actor, Tony Umez, discussed his journey in the film industry in an exclusive interview with Arabella Star Magazine.

How do you work on being a better actor?

I read books/novels. Anything readable, I devour. I’m a voracious reader. Reading books improves your wordstock because you come across some new words, find out their meanings and then add them to your vocabulary. Reading also exposes you to different cultures and customs. I also watch movies, African and Foreign, to enable me better my act. Then, some little exercises to keep me fit.

You have been in Nollywood for a very long time and one of the people so many look up to, how do you deal with all the expectations of people require from you?

I try to be real and sincere, to keep it simple, tight and nice.

When you look at the Tony Umez of then, and the man you are today, what changes and growth would you say have occurred over years?

Hahahahahaha. Oh definitely, there’s been positive changes and growth from when I started to now. I have grown older, become more mature and wiser. My craft has improved because I know more now than I knew then. I have met a lot of people, positive and the not-so-positive in almost all spheres of endeavor, who have helped me mould a better me. So, the Tony Umez you see now is a super-improved version, in all areas, of the earlier Tony Umez.

Nollywood Veteran Actor, Tony Umez

Aside from acting what have you been up to lately?

Well, I am looking at directing and producing. There are many projects that my Management Team and I want to embark on. We are currently working on one. It’s titled LAGOS BABY BOY.

Are you selective when it comes to scripts?

Yes, I am. Very. It’s not every script that is a must-do. No. The first step in the making of a good movie is a good script. The script has to be good dialogue-wise; it must have a great plot, with twists and turns, suspense, you know, all the works.

Tony Umez

As an actor, what will you consider as your low moment in the industry?

I cannot readily call to mind any low moment because I have many “highs.”

What has been your greatest moment as an actor?

I have great moments any time I am on set working. I love my job to bits. Anytime I see my job on the screen is a great moment for me. When people call, praise and appreciate me because of my craft, is a great moment for me. I have met with a President or two, some Governors, some very notable people because of my craft and they’ve been great moments. The classic movie, DIED WRETCHED, that brought me fame, popularity and stardom, was a super-great moment for me. However, the moment that takes the cake was when a pastor based in Warri, Pastor Edijala, called me some many years ago and said that my role in the movie, CHRIST IN ME, motivated him to set up his Ministry , his Church. That is my greatest moment.

Nollywood Veteran Actor, Tony Umez

You are 56 and still looking good; what is the secret of your youthful look?

Peace of mind, Contentment and a happy family and above all, God’s Grace and Mercy.

What should we look out for in your new project (Lagos Baby Boy)?

LAGOS BABY BOY is going to be a bomb. It has everything to keep you glued to the screen from from the beginning to the end.

The 2023 presidential election comes in few months from now, what’s your advice to Nigerians?

Let us open and shine our eyes. Whoever has been part of Nigeria’s problems, directly or indirectly, cannot be the solution. Vote your conscience. Your conscience is your TRUTH; don’t sell your future and your childrens’ future for a few shekels of “copper”. Else, there will come the refrain, THERE WAS A COUNTRY.

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