Interview with Arabella star magazine Karimullah Abdul Ghani

I believe in myself and I work hard  to get success in this interview with Arabella star magazine Karimullah Abdul Ghani
 popularly known as (Mr. Kareem)  a model, Actor also a social media influencer.
started that His dream is to be one of the top model in Dubai. 

Can you briefly tell us about yourself?

Yeah, my name is Karimullah Abdul Ghani, popularly known as (Mr. Kareem). I am a model, Actor also a social media influencer.

How do you feel being the winner of Mr. Royal Dubai 2021?

Well, I do a lot of shooting events. I have been shooting movies in Bollywood, Hollywood and promoting the industry in Dubai. I am always good in my messages in instagram and social media regarding anything entertainment.
4-Months ago one of the runner show contacted me about the event telling me I can register with them and I can win a trophy being one of the top model in Dubai. So, I said let us try and I registered online, certainly last Month during the show I won. It was a nice experienced for me getting an award as ” 2021 Mr. Royal Dubai”.
Can you tell us more about your personality ?
Well, I was born and raised here in Dubai and we have a lot of businesses like tracks and transport .I have done alot of TV and radio shows and work for bollywood movie for some …… I have more than 300k followers on instagram and 700k on Tiktok. 

You started your career in 2015, what’s your experienced so far ?

To be honest, in 2015 one of my friend call me hat they need me to come for an event and I will gain more experienced, I said no, but I eventually turned up for the event. It was a nice experience honestly and I was super excited. My friend was also telling me that i look good in my career.
My family and relations were telling me to stop doing this thing I tried hard and I said I will never give up, I have alot of opportunities and today I am happy that I am in a position that I am proud of myself. So, far so good is a nice experienced.
3-years back nobody knows me but today if I go to big Mall or big cities people recognise me because of my followers on social media platforms.

So, far would you say your dream of becoming a super star model or an actor has been actualized?

I started this modelling I tried hard and I never stop. I make contact and communicate which is very important. Today, I have alot of contact and people contact me through text messages, social media to promote their Companies, fashion modelling in Dubai……

What will you say has change about you ?

Honestly, I was nothing but I can see the changes in me people are saying this is a super star model. I used to contact them for their shooting event but today I am in a position that international model use to call me to give me shoot and job opportunities. I need to give thanks to Almighty God that I am in a position that I am proud of myself, Alhamdulila.

Why did you go for Mr. Royal Dubai?

Like I told you, I have been into TV Camera shows, drama, Radio show, shooting movies. I went their because they I am going to get a title and the event was related to my field. I felt if I go there I will get title and people will get to know me more. I went there and by the Grace God of I won the title ” 2021 Mr. Royal Dubai”. 

What is your driving force?

Well, my mind drives me. I like what I do and I do what I like. I like doing what makes me happy ….I try hard to go higher or to be first in the line.

Who is your photographer ?

To be honest I don’t have a professional photographer but I have one his name is Isa Mohammed my cousin he takes my photos and apart from him there is one other photographer his name is Marshall he is a good guy even when I was new on this thing. He was the first person who  take my photos and with that photos I make my portfolio and do alot of things with it. My cousin snaps  with his iphone I can tell you he is the best.

What is your next project?

I am currently working under UAE 58 national day. There is a TV Camera show that is coming up soon ” United Arab Emirate Day” on 2n, 3rd December 2021 here in Dubai. There is another project that I am working on.

What are your hobbies?

Gym, driving, shooting I like to do. watching movies like bollywood, nollywood is fine.

How can you asses yourself in the next 5-Years?

To be honest, I believed in myself and I work hard  to get success that is my mindset. I dream is to be one of the top model in Dubai. 

You’re a role model to millions of young people not just in the UAE but around the world. What is your advise to them?

For those that following me and following me young generation …. there is my recent video going around the world on instagram above 62 million views on instagram.
My video in instagram go viral especially in India of cos India has alot of population. I have a good message for them they should try again and again they can be a role model for the rest of the young generation. We enjoy each day of life, if you fail you should plan again  and you can get success and stay positive.

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