ECOWAS Takes Action to Restore Constitutional Order in Niger

In a significant development, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has initiated immediate military action to reinstate constitutional order in the Niger Republic.

The decision was announced by ECOWAS President Omar Alieu Touray during an extraordinary meeting convened in Abuja on Thursday. The regional body has directed its standby force to intervene in response to the recent coup in Niger.

Expressing deep concern over the military junta’s refusal to engage in dialogue, ECOWAS has condemned the ongoing detention of President Mohamed Bazoum and his family. The sub-regional authority has reached out to the African Union (AU), partner nations, and relevant institutions, urging their support for the resolution to address the crisis.

The ECOWAS resolution, drafted after thorough deliberation and assessment of the situation, reaffirms the organization’s commitment to peaceful resolution. It upholds various measures and principles agreed upon, including border closures, travel bans, and asset freezes targeting those obstructing the restoration of constitutional order.

ECOWAS has emphasized its determination to explore all avenues for peaceful resolution, while simultaneously activating its standby force. The force has been deployed with the mission of restoring constitutional governance in Niger.

In addition, ECOWAS calls upon the international community, including the African Union, United Nations, and partner countries, to back its efforts in ensuring the swift and complete reinstatement of constitutional order in alignment with established norms.

The sub-regional authority will closely monitor the implementation of sanctions and continue its unwavering commitment to peaceful resolution methods. This decisive action reflects ECOWAS’s dedication to upholding democratic principles and stability within its member states.

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