We Are Remembering Our Ancestors And It Is Unfair To Call Us Idol Worshipers’- Ooni Of Ife


Walking the history we the yorubas, it is believed
that a group of migrating
people who were led by a great hunter
called Olutimehin grew tired and
decided to settle on the bank of Osun
river, in order to save themselves
from famine. At the river side, Osun
the goddess appeared from the water
in front of Olutimehin and requested
that he should lead the people to a
special place which is the present
Osogbo town. The goddess promised
to protect and bring them prosperity in
return if an annual sacrifice is made to
h e r a n d t o d a y, t h a t a n c e s t r a l
occurrence led to the celebration of
Osun Osogbo Festival, an annual
sacrifice to the Osun River Goddess.
Osun Osogbo festival is a celebration
is a two-week programme that usually
takes place every month of August at
the grove, attracting thousands of
adherents and non-adherents of Osun,
tourists and viewers from all walks of
life. The festivities and invocations of
the Osun goddess are held along the
banks of the river bearing her name into
which according to Yoruba Oratory

Governors, monarchs, chiefs, spiritual
leaders, Ooni of Ife amongst other are
dignitries that have always graced the
Osun Osogbo festival.
Looking into the life of Ooni of Ife, an
Entreprenuer turn King, Oba Adeyeye
Enitan Ogunwusi. He was selected from
21 contenders to the throne in 2015. He’s a
descendant of the 44th Ooni of Ife, Ojaja
Orasigba, who reigned from 1878 to 1880.
He is the 51st monarch of this kingdom.
He ascended the throne on 26 October
2015. He received his staff of office on 7
December 2015 and since then till date, he
has been in the business of turning
impossibilities to possible.
Rolling down to his Professional Career,
Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi is a
member of the Institute of Chartered
Accountants of Nigeria. An Associate
Accounting Technician. A certied
member of the Institute of Directors. A
member of the Global Real Estate
Institute holding a number of honorary
doctorate degrees: one in Public
Administration from the University of
Nigeria, Nsukka and another in Law from
Igbinedion University and He is also the
Chancellor at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Oba Ogunwusi is the spiritual leader
of the Yoruba people , he responsible
for making supplications to God and
the Orisa on behalf of his tribe and the
world at large during annual festivals
such as Olojo and Osun Festival.But
this year’s festival was restricted and
wasn’t celebrated as usual because of
the COVID-19 Pandemics that is still
ravaging the country as Nigerian were
urged to always observe the laid down
precautionary measures.
COVID-19 is an infectious disease
caused by a newly discovered
coronavirus. Most people infected
with this virus experiences mild to
moderate respiratory illness and
recover without requiring special
treatment. The nation Nigeria has not
been the same economically, socially,
spiritually, politically since this
disease visited. o be more colourful
next season.

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