UK modifies visitor visa policy on work permits

The UK has modified its visitor visa policy, enabling standard visitors to work with approval.

This change is expected to impact various categories of visitors, including Islamic scholars and lawyers, broadening the scope of activities allowed during their stay.

The Home Office of the British government announced the change on Thursday, saying UK visitor visa policy will now allow standard visitors to work in the country.

In this regard, approval must be obtained along with the visit visa.

Commenting on this matter, Barrister Shubhagat Dey, managing partner of Lexpert Solicitors LLP in London, said that the Home Office has removed the previous obstacles to working on a visit visa. Family visitors and holiday tourists can work while traveling.

In the past, Islamic scholars who used to go to the UK to deliver speeches in Islamic programs could not legally accept any money for the visit visa. They will be allowed to receive money from now on.

A lawyer can also come on a visit visa and provide various services under the revised rules, said the lawyer.

Around 40 million visitors visit the UK each year. The standard visitor visa allows a person to visit the UK for up to six months. A £100 fee is required for a 6-month standard visitor visa.

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