Publisher’s Note May 2022

Welcome to the April/May issue! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, our deadlines roll around sooner than later. Once we get an issue to press, it’s onward and upward to the next one. I am continually amazed at the talent each team member possesses month after month. Everyone brings something new and different to the table. Change is constantly in the air swirling around what we do, and I believe this helps ensure each issue is the very best it can be.

Preparing this issue has been such a pleasure.

Our cover report which is on personality

AN ICON OF IMPACT APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN follow by list of top ten real estate companies in Nigeria, Nigeria’s top 7 destinations, politics, interview and more.

If I may take a moment to also recognize our team once again for their insatiable drive, continued passion, vision and constant diligence to make this publication come to life.

Thank you to our advertisers and subscribers that continue to support us. We have a strong vision and desire to continue the legacy of our city’s iconic premier publication, ARABELLA STAR MAGAZINE.



Livinus Chibuike Victor


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