March Edition 2024


One of the primary challenges highlighted by Commissioner Igweh is the difficulty in discerning “who-is-who” in Abuja’s diverse and ever-changing population. With a melting pot of cultures, backgrounds, and affiliations, law enforcement agencies often face hurdles in identifying and apprehending individuals involved in criminal activities. The transient nature of some residents, coupled with the anonymity afforded by urban living, adds another layer of complexity to this issue.

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Welcome to the March Edition 2024 of Arabella Star Magazine.

In a recent interview, Benneth Igweh MNI, Commissioner of Police for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), shed light on some of the major challenges faced in maintaining law and order in the bustling city of Abuja. As one of Nigeria’s most prominent law enforcement officers, Igweh’s insights provide valuable perspective on the complex dynamics at play in the nation’s capital.

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