The Zikomo Africa Awards were founded by a profound gentleman named Daniel Blessington Ouddar, Zikomo is an African name that means thank you.

The founder of the awards holds a Masters in chemical engineering, a bachelors degree in commerce and a degree in psychology and child development.

Daniel Blessignton Ouddar was an artist back in his university days when he was 18 years of age and as an underground artist it was never easy for him, he was inspired to come up with an initiative to help other people that were going through the same thing.

The initiative behind the Zikomo Africa Awards is to empower neglected artists, entrepreneurs, humanitarians and basically everyone in the entertainment industry.

He realized that there are a lot of people that deserve recognition but are not getting it due to how bias the industry is, everyone in the industry deserves to be appreciated for their efforts aswell as given a seat.

He’s expectations 3 years from now are for Zikomo Africa Awards to be a global brand, so far we have managed to include most African countries and because of that the 2nd edition is going to be fire! The Zikomo Awards have a lot instore for Africa.

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