Meet 10 Famous American Celebrities Who Are Yoruba.(Photos)

It’s not a thing of debate, that most of Nigeria entertainers are from the Yoruba ethnic group. The Yoruba tribe from the western part of Nigeria, is one tribe that is embedded with intelligent and talented individuals. Most of these entertainers are recognized globally. America is known as the one of the greatest place in the world, it is a thing of pride to associate with Americans especially when it comes to entertainment. 

There are so many Americans entertainers that are Yoruba. You might be familiar with some of them, while others to be mentioned here, you might be unfamiliar with them. Some of these american Celebrities that are Yoruba have made a good name for themselves and are making us proud. Although some of these entertainer ain’t born in Nigeria. As we celebrate them, we believe one day they go back to their root. 


Wale is one of the most popular name given to a male child from Yoruba ethnic group. Wale is an american musician who is performing excellently in the music industry. Unlike some celebrities whose parents ain’t from same ethnic group, both Wale’s parents are from yoruba ethnic group. He is a cousin to actor Gbenga Akinnagbe. 

2.Olurotimi Akinnosho. 

Olurotimi popular known as ‘Rotimi’ was born to a yoruba parents. He became more popular after he played the role of ‘Andre Coleman’ in the movie titled ‘Power’. Rotimi Father is an investment banker of Yoruba origin, while is mother is of the Igbo origin. 

3.Donald Faison. 

Donald Faison is the elder brother to actor Olamide Faison. His middle name is ‘Ade’ which means crown and ‘Osun’ which means river of life in the yoruba dialect. He is a talented actors whose movies have a wide range of audience. He featured in the movies such as : Remember the titans, uptown girl and something new, just to mention but few. 

4.Olamide Faison. 

As I have mentioned earlier, Olamide Faison is a brother to Donald Faison. Olamide plays Miles Robinson in the television show ‘sesame Street. Born in New York city, Faison joined the cast in 2003. From his name you can stress down his root to the Yoruba ethnic group just like his brother. 

5.Hakeem Kae – Kazim.

Hakeem Kae-Kazim is a British Nigeria actor who was born in Lagos state, Nigeria in the year 1962. He is a talented actor who is doing well both home and abroad. He features in so many hollywood and few of hollywood movies. Hakeem Kae-Kazim Co starred in the movie titled ‘hotel Rwanda’. 

6.David Oyelowo.

David Oyelowo is one of the most famous American actor. From his surname ‘Oyelowo’ one can easily deduce his origin to the Yoruba ethnic group. He is a great actors whose movies always reaches a wide audience globally. David is one of those American actors that is making the hollywood industry great, it is a thing of pride to know this talented actor is from Nigeria, Yoruba tribe to be precise. 

7.Adewale Akinuoye Agbaje. 

Adewale Akinuoye is an actor, writer and a model. From his name you can stress his origin to the Yoruba ethnic group. He featured in the movies: Pompeii, Oz, the Bourne Identity, Thor the dark world and game of throne, just to mention but few. 

8.Adetomiwa Edun. 

Adetominwa Edun his an American actor, whose root can be stress down to the Yoruba ethnic group. He featured in the movie ‘merlin’. He played the role of Sir Elyan, the younger brother of Gwen. 

9.Sade Adu. 

This beautiful lady is the first Nigeria to win a grammy award. She was born in ibadan Nigeria on 16 January 1959 and brought up in Essex England. Her parents are Adebisi Adu and Anne Hayes. 

10.Toks Olagundoye. 

This beautiful Nigeria lady, who was born from the Yoruba parents is one of those celebrities making name on international screen. She is a talented actress who is performing great in the industry. She starred in the movie Castle and Jackie where she played the role of Hayley Shipton. 


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