E-Money Pledges Support for the Children of Nollywood Actor Junior Pope

Business tycoon and the Chief Executive Officer of Five Star Music, Emeka Okonkwo, aka E-money has pledged to support and mentor the three children of the late Nollywood actor, John Odonwodo, popularly known as Junior Pope who died after their boat capsized in the Anam River in Anambra state.

E-Money made the promise on his Instagram account on Wednesday while reacting to the actor’s death.

He wrote, “It has been one week since you departed from this world, leaving behind a profound sense of loss that reverberates, not only among us, but also across Africa and beyond.

“Your presence, as both a friend and a brother, is deeply missed, JP. The weight of your absence bears heavily upon our hearts, yet we draw comfort from the belief that God will grant us the resilience to carry forward and uphold the legacy you’ve entrusted to us.

“We tenderly remember your final words on the boat, ‘Na only me dem born, I get three children, na me go raise them,’ and we solemnly commit to honouring that vow.

“Your children now find solace in the embrace of the Okonkwo family, and we, as members of that family, pledge to nurture them as you would have wished.

“Your absence leaves a palpable void, JP, and your memory will forever be held dear. Rest peacefully, knowing that you are deeply cherished, and may God’s blessings encompass your soul, your family, and all who hold you in their hearts.”

Junior Pope and three others were confirmed dead when the boat they were travelling in after returning from a movie set capsized in Asaba recently.

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