Digital Camera for fashion

Defining Digital Fashion

Among everything we’ve already talked about, we still want to know from Amber: What is digital fashion? “Anything that has to do with fashion beyond the physical realm—fashion you can wear with your digital identity”, defines the designer. She sees fashion in a future where we will be able to live in a mixed, alternative world. For her, the screens are dated, and soon we are going to experiment with augmented and virtual reality through glasses or lenses. With screens being part of the past, we are going to be able to see the digital world around us, like “beautiful things coming out of your head, a whole different material that you wear. I think this is a very bright future that we can build, so for me, digital fashion is full self-expression, without the limits of size, body type, gravity, whatever”, says Amber.

The fascinating part of Digital Fashion is exactly this inclusive concept, embracing any body type, with no limitations like the physical standard sizes and samples. People will be able to upload their bodies, and you’ll see how these things are going to look, like “far more open to creativity and also to the celebration of the beauty of these different bodies. We should celebrate everybody, not just size 0. Fashion has a responsibility toward body positivity. Why can’t we express ourselves, rather than need to fit the ideals that no one fits?”

Thank you, Amber, for opening our minds, and never needing to “fit” again.

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