Beyond the interesting highlights
of his banking career, he also
supervised notable Bureau of
Public Enterprises (BPE)-led
privatization projects, which
include the concession of:

· Setting-up and serving as the
pioneer Chairman of Lagos State
Security Trust Fund (LSSTF)

. Setting-up of Lagos State
Pension Commission (LASPEC)

· Involved in the creation of Lekki
Free Trade Zone

· I m p r o v e m e n t o f p u b l i c
transportation system by setting up
the LAGBUS to complement
the Bus Rapid Transit system also
known as BRT.


· On security, Sanwo-Olu also
worked on the Control & Command
C e n t r e i n A l a u s a , w h i c h
significantly improved the capacity
of the security agencies to respond
to distress calls in a swift and timely

· Restructuring of Lagos State
Development Property Corporation
(LSDPC) into a more efficient and
profitable institution after 90years
of operations.

· Preparation and publication of the
L a g o s S t a t e E c o n o m i c
Empowerment and Development
Strategy (LASEEDS).

· Tracking and intelligent analysis
of Internally Generated Revenues
(IGR) by the various government
agencies and parastatals for
executive cons ideration and
policy making


Instagram: @JideSanwoOlu

Twitter: @JideSanwoOlu

Some of the projects done by
governor of Lagos state, Babajide

Some of the projects done by
governor of Lagos state, Babajide

· launched the $20million Lagos
COVID-19 Action Recovery and
Economic Stimulus Programme to
s u p p o r t p o o r a n d v u l n e r a b l e
· Babajide Sanwo-Olu signed into
law two important bills, the Lotteries
and Gaming Authority Bill (2021) as
well as the Public Complaints and
Anti-Corruption Commission Bill

· Commenced of the construction of
the 37km Red Line Rail Mass Transit

· He launched the Lagos State
Learning Management System to
enhance human capital and boost the
productivity of our civil servant.

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