Absence Of Phcs, Their Conditions Affect Healthcare Delivery

The Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC) is the basic structural and functional unit of the public health services in developing countries such a Nigeria.
Primary Health Care is f o u n d e d o n t h e interconnecting principles of equity, access, empowerment, c o m m u n i t y s e l f – d e t e r m i n a t i o n a n d intersectoral collaboration. It e n c o m p a s s e s a n
understanding of the social, environmental, economic, c u l t u r a l a n d p o l i t i c a l
determinants of health.
The PHCs are to provide medical care, maternal-child health including family planning, safe water supply and basic sanitation, prevent and control locally endemic diseases, collect and report vital statistics and education about health.
PHCs are also for national health programmes, as well as for referral services.

Given the enormity of the roles of PHCs, the absence of it or its malfunction will greatly affect healthcare delivery in the country. A check by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN),

therefore, seeks to find out the state of the centres across the c o u n t r y , a n d t h e i r

f u n c t i o n a l i t y t o w a r d improving the health status of citizens, especially at the


In Kaduna State, the Deputy Director, Primary Healthcare D e v e l o p m e n t A g e n c y,

Ibrahim Hamza-Ikara, said the government has upgraded PHCs so as to offer best

services and encourage patronage to residents He said “the standard is good a n d 

p e o p l e a r e n o w p a t r o n i s i n g t h e facilities.”According to him,

the state government has modernised and equipped 255 PHCs and 23 comprehensive

healthcare centres to expand access to healthcare.

He told NAN that equipment and staff were increased to ensure effective health

delivery at the grassroots.

Hamza-Ikara added that the agency had trained over 8,000 community health volunteers

and conducted adequate mobilisation to encourage patronage of the facilities. In Sokoto State, PHCs are being patronised by patients, with

some operating 24-hour services.A resident of Gagi, Malam Ilyasu Bello, said the PHC in the area is offering general services, including antenatal and post natal care.

At Kalambaina area, one of the residents, Danladi Kaka, told NAN that the PHC there is

more like a General Hospital, as the staff work 24 hours daily.

At Dange PHC, one Alhaji Dan’azumi Saraki, said people of the area are being taken care

of at the facility, and referred to general hospital when absolutely necessary.

M e a n w h i l e , K e b b i Government in collaboration with some partners, is renovating and equipping 225PHCs to enhance access to healthcare services at thegrassroots.

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